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Our partnership policy is governed by principles of transparency, rigor and coherence.

We favor sponsorship projects that promote our brand, our values, our services, namely unusual travel routes and rarely visited destinations and therefore genuine and capable of inspiring more people to travel.

We want to make known to our audience incredible but unknown destinations, which lack publicity in the tourism area, but which are unique and inspiring places.

The growth in the number of travelers is exponential and so are those looking for alternative destinations to the main stream. That’s our market.

Our collaboration may follow the following paths:

Interviews before and/or after the trip/visit, where our trip/visit will be discussed, as well as our journey as travelers
Provision of video material for a post-trip/visit report, providing enough data for the public to be able to find us, namely the website, our brand and social networks
Delivery of an amount to be agreed upon, in exchange for advertising on our website and during the trip/visit, in the form of a post, photos with advertising and/or anchor links, which correspond to the image of the “Key Opinion Leader” (KOL)
Offer selected products that will have to contribute in some way to the trip and that make sense of the proposed theme
Advantages of working with us:

Publication about an unexplored destination, we give priority to lesser known sites, smaller companies
Content posted on social networks and on our blog
Execution of promotional videos, with a choice of suitable music to share on your social networks
Possibility of having your name on our social networks and website
We have a drone, photographic material and high quality video
We have a classic car available for photo shoots
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