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Wallis & Futuna

Outubro 2019

A pouA few kilometers from Fiji is Wallis. Reserved in its magnitude. Hidden from the eyes of others. No tourists, no hotels, good diving, good food and good people.

Crystal clear water, warm that through. Deserted islands, isolated two kilometers away by swimming or kayaking. We did it both ways and had a picnic by ourselves. We took everything in the Kayak, lying on a hammock set up there by a place, we ate our sandwiches, in the company of birds, the noise of the sea, with the sun filtered by the leaves of the palm trees.

The next day we decided to go back. This time swimming. I confess that the outward journey went well, but the return trip took a lot and we arrived at the main island exhausted. We went to collect clams, rested, swam, sunbathed and burned our feet in seawater. We explore the two other desert islands, located very close to this one, and return to the main island for a supper of clams à bulhão pato, on the other side of the world..

We went to a karaoke bar and heard locals singing happily while drinking and partying. We joined the party and sang some songs halfway through. We met two Portuguese who were working there. It’s always good to hear Portuguese in a country so far away.

Wallis – where to sleep and what to do

Hotel Wallis:

We got a spot thanks to Couchsurfing and it was the best we did! We were very well received and we gained a friend!

Wallis – Ways of travel

We rented a motorbike to explore the island.

We rented a kayak to visit the remote islands around the island.

Wallis – Diving

The water world is very beautiful, with canyons and valleys and the coral was wonderful.

Tips and points of interest in Wallis

On the island there is not much to visit or do. The ideal is to go around the island and relax on all the beaches you find.

  • Crater/Lake Lalolalo
  • Tekaviki Island
  • Fugalei Island
  • Luaniva Island

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