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Abril 2017

We boarded the Air Niugini plane, heading for Kavieng. After a short 30-minute trip, we arrived at the destination and our goals were to schedule the dives for tomorrow, as it is the only day we have to dive here, find a bank so that tomorrow we can exchange euros for kina, see where the market was and restaurants for dinner. We have almost no kina and we were hoping that it would be enough for us to have dinner.

There we were able to go to the diving school, schedule our dives and learn that once again we would be the only ones in this dive center to dive tomorrow. There are 2 centers here, one in the city and the other on the island of Lissenung, in a very expensive resort that we are sure is not worth the price they ask for the rooms.

We went to dinner at a restaurant recommended by the diving instructor and ended our anniversary day eating lobster!

The house we rent from airbnb, is a small wooden cabin that had everything to be so cool, but it’s not… with the poor choice of materials, colors and finishes, it ends up looking old and dirty. Of course I was looking for animals, as it had all the look of being a good den for your serial creation. But I was wrong! We didn’t even see one!! The cabin is clean and bug free!

It was good to wake up and be able to prepare our breakfast as usual at home. We had sliced ​​bread, butter, a toaster, jam, coffee (powdered), tea, sugar and a kettle. Perfect! Better only if there was milk for me. We left the hut with a full stomach, to go to the bank to change money and then go diving.

The guide there gave us the usual briefing, explaining what we would have the opportunity to see (because underwater nothing is certain) and we took off in a banana boat to the first spot, called “Blue Holes”. The name alone inspires confidence! It would be a “drift dive”, which means that we would have a current and let ourselves be carried along by it, without having to make a great effort. And so it was, almost always without swimming, with legs and arms crossed, off we went, advancing along the wall full of coral.

The first thing we saw was a white tip shark that was pregnant. She was very fat and with the sun on her back she looked mirrored or silvery. In an almost mysterious and sinister environment, he came and went on his rounds of hunting and cleaning gills. We continued on our way and saw shrimp so small that we needed the guide’s lens to see them (I don’t even know how he found them!), tiny crabs that hid under the anemones where nemoes usually are (I discovered one!) , shells with molluscs inside, I saw a Gobi (a long fish that works together with a shrimp, he takes care of it outside the hole, in the sand while the shrimp clean the house, bringing out pebbles and garbage) and some more sharks . I managed to film a nemo biting my nose… I can’t wait to show you!

But for me, the best part of this dive were the tunnels, canyons, caves and caves where the guide took us, where we saw beautiful corals, full of color, shrimp, huge shoals of fish hidden under towering corals and hunting tuna. them. In the cave, I turned over onto my back and when I released the air, it was trapped in the highest parts of the irregularities of the coral, forming air bubbles and the fish went there thinking it was food. Very cute!

For me, this dive was the best in all of PNG, which makes me happier for not having boarded the Barbarian!

The second dive was also very good! This was a more current dive and here we had to use our hooks (which we brought from Palau) to hold onto the coral and be quiet and watch all the activity happening. We saw hunting sharks, eagle-rays, turtles and barracudas. All to hunt and eat! It was top!

When it was over, we entered the boat with a smile from ear to ear, overjoyed!

They left us on an island opposite the main island where there is a resort for us to have lunch and spend the day there snorkeling. The problem is that they didn’t tell us they had talking parrots and cockatoos! I didn’t go snorkeling at all!!! I spent the afternoon talking to Cookie, a white cockatoo with a yellow crest, which unfortunately has paralyzed paws, but that doesn’t stop her from attracting the attention of everyone who passes by! Super friendly and cheerful, she said “Hello Cookie!” Everyone, “you ok?” and “you all right?” and later they explained to me that she would dance if we told her “Cookie dance! Cookie dance!” Then she starts shaking her head up and down, lifts her yellow crest and mimics “Cookie dance, Cookie dance!” in her parrot voice! BRUTAL!

I started to laugh and she started to imitate my laughter, but in such a perfect way that Diogo no longer knew if it was me or her laughing! She had never seen an animal so well disposed like this!! I spent the whole afternoon with Cookie making videos and photos! There was also a super nice red and blue parrot that just wanted to climb onto my shoulder and bite my fingers or my ears… it’s so cute!

We left the island sad to have to say goodbye to Cookie and her parrot friend. But maybe tomorrow we’ll come back for more “Cookie dance!”

Fomos ao supermercado e compramos pernas de galinha, caril e cogumelos para cozinharmos na nossa cabaninha do

We went to the supermarket and bought chicken legs, curry and mushrooms to cook in our love hut!

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